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Why is it important for workplaces?

Every workplace has the same struggle. Workers who use or misuse alcohol and other drugs cost the Australian workplace almost $13 billion per year. But training that speaks to them directly can help the individual and help reduce accidents or injuries at work. Invest in a workplace where managers are skilled up in mental health and workers get the help they need.

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How alcohol or drugs affect the bottom line

Impairment at work costs the Australian workplace an absolute fortune. How do you get workers to care that absences due to alcohol and other drugs cost the workplace over $3 billion dollars annually, or to care that 12% of workplace deaths are related to this issue, or to know that 7,200 workers reach out for compensation because of work-related mental health complications, at a cost of $543 million?

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Making safe workplaces a reality

What’s our vision? To help create workplaces that are safe, with supportive communities where a worker can be the best version of themselves. Invest in a productive workforce with a healthy attitude to life, without fear, without judgment. A workplace where people want to come to work, with reduced accidents and harm. Implement strategies to increase awareness and adopt new norms.

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Training with academic oversight from Professor Ken Pidd  >

“Total alcohol or drug related absenteeism was estimated to cost Australian employers up to $3 billion per year.“

Construction is a high-risk industry.

Academic research shows that the construction industry is high-risk for drug, alcohol and mental health related exposure.

3 in 4
Construction workers were
deemed “risky drinkers”

3.5 x
higher than the national average
for construction workers using cocaine,

1 in 6
workers reported workmates
being visibly affected by alcohol
in the workplace

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