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Jimmy Finnane

Director & Program Organiser

From residential to commercial building, Jimmy Finnane has worked in the construction industry for over twenty-five years. He trained as bricklayer and foreman before running his own bricklaying company. Suffice to say, Jimmy has extensive insider knowledge of construction industry impairment issues. Both as a worker and a manager.

In 2015, he started working in alcohol and other drugs services, in workplace interventions. He has facilitated crisis intervention in hundreds of workplaces.

Between 2016 – 2020, he managed an integrated training program for alcohol and other drugs. He secured major research and funding grants whilst collaborating with Flinders University to provide evidence-based practices. Jimmy has a deep understanding of workplace impairment and how it impacts workers and organisations. He is a co-author of published research papers regarding the effectiveness of workplace intervention and training.

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Jimmy Finnane

Ken Pidd

Academic Oversight

Adjunct Associate Professor with the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction at Flinders University Academic rigour, evidence-based theories and practices are all provided by Ken Pidd.

Ken has a track-record of over 20 years of research and therapeutic practice in alcohol, drug, and mental health-related risks to workplace safety and employee wellbeing. He is a consultant to government and non-government bodies, employer and employee groups and individual employers.

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Ken Pidd

The benefits of impairment training for
your workforce.

  • Greater understanding of the risks associated with alcohol and drug use.
  • Recognition of poor mental health in both themselves and work mates.
  • Clear options for help and guidance.

The benefits of impairment training for
your company.

  • Convenience, time & cost saving for training budgets.
  • Reduce exposure to impairment related productivity, accidents, negligence & litigation claims.
  • Certified completion and DAMP policy compliance.