Online compliance impairment training for workplaces.

We provide online impairment training options and certifications for managers to train entire workforces for a fraction of the time and cost of face-to-face training.

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Bulk Purchase Courses

If you wish to purchase bulk Impairment Training courses for your employees, you will need to purchase them as coupons. This will allow each employee to enrol into the course individually using their own details. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to our website: Coupon for Impairment Training Course
  2. Select the amount of coupons you wish to purchase
  3. Follow the checkout process
  4. Once payment has gone through you will be emailed detailed instructions you can pass onto each employee on how to enrol into the course. This email will also include the coupon code allowing your employees to enrol into the course without having to make payment.

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